The 5 Best Android Phone Apps for Photographers

A lot of Android apps are now available for Android mobile users to choose from. Most of us choose the apps we install on our phone depending on our profession, interests and needs.

photographyFor photographers, there are hundreds of applications that can help them with their work. Apps vary from editing, photo settings, photo organizing and even photo sharing. Some apps require a certain payment while others are for free.

If you’re a new Android user, it is best for you to read reviews or ask fellow photographers as well as photography enthusiasts on what applications are best for you. To help you more, we came up with a list of 5 best Android phone apps for photographers. Check out these apps below.


Vignette is an Android app that is suitable for photographers. You are required to pay $3 to be able to download it. It is just a small amount for such a great app.

Through the Vignette app, you can add light when shooting so the images will look a lot better. Vignette also offers many features like photo effects (example: cross process, film type, etc), easy photo setting adjustment, filters, digital zoom and a lot more. You can choose from many filters and frames to make your shots look amazing. This Yorkshire Wedding Photographer also likes the Vignette app.


Camera 360 is a free Android app that is not only popular among photographers but also among many internet and Android users. This app can make your phone work like DLSR. There many filters and effects that you can choose from. Camera 360 can make your images look sharper and more attractive.

You can also easily share your photos to your social media accounts. Camera 360 is very easy to use and this is the reason why social media users are hooked to it. For amateur photographers, it is a good app for them to easily understand terms and practice using effects, filters and camera settings since there are settings in this app that are same with those in real digital cameras. Ask our wedding photographer surrey on how wonderful Camera360 is in learning more about photography.

Camera Zoom FX

Another Android app that photographers will surely love is the Camera Zoom FX. This app offers a limited trial version while the premium one is worth $3 per download. Camera Zoom FX offers many features including about 40 effects, image stabilization mode, and overlays. This app can help make your phone capture and edit better images because of the user-friendly settings that it has. You can set the resolution white balance and focus to your preference.


Snapseed is a wonderful photo editing application that a photographer should consider installing on his Android phone. This app has wonderful features that are similar to those you can find in professional editing software. New photographers will have a great time practicing on how to edit images using different useful editing features. Using the features on Snapseed, you can crop, straighten and enhance photos. You can also make it appear black & white or apply vignette or use the different frames available. There are many other features you can find on Snapseed that makes it worth getting.

Camera FV-5

An Android app that is said to act like a DLSR camera is the Camera FV-5. A lot of the functions of this application is same with those on the digital camera. The settings are adjustable to your wants. You can choose the focus mode; adjust ISO, white balance and exposure. Photographers will most definitely learn and love this Android application.

There are several other Android applications that you can check out and install on your Android phone. Choose the one that you can really use and can truly help you become a better photographer.

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