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How Far Ahead Do I Need to Book a Wedding Videographer?

In weddings these days, video now plays an important part such that it is now on the same level as that of photography. Thus, the role of the videographer has gotten a boost in recent years as his/her role in documenting a moment as joyous and memorable as a wedding is being given more attention among those who are planning their wedding.

Part of the considerations being made during such planning is the timeframe involved: how far ahead does one need to book the wedding videographer? We shall try to answer that question for you here.


Things to consider

First things first, one must know that there are some photography studios that offer videography as well. Do check out with your wedding photographer if there is also wedding videography service being offered. However, it is not imperative that you should look for a photographer like Mark Seymour Photography that has videography service as having both services under one provider does not necessarily mean equal quality as far the output is concerned for photo and video.

Another thing to keep in mind is that videographers are not as much sought after as photographers. Despite the technological advances in video in recent years, photography still remains the most popular element that people make a point to have in their weddings. Video may not present to record all weddings, but a wedding would not be complete without a photo of it. So the couple must first consider how important and how extensive they would like the video coverage of the wedding would have before moving further to the details.

The Earlier, the Better

With these in consideration, it would be safe to book for a wedding videographer about 6-8 months before the wedding date as a rule of thumb, assuming you have the wedding date finalized and the venue reserved in the first place which is the most important things to set first in the wedding preparations.  But of course, the earlier you make the booking, the better to avoid potential headaches.

Where to start

Fortunately, there are a lot of sources and venues these days that are available for you to check out as you look for a wedding videographer. Here are some places you can check out:

  • Bridal fairs

Bridal fairs provide a single venue where you can get acquainted with as many videographers as possible and see what they offer, providing much convenience and saving considerable time and effort on your part as well. Do take note that some participating videographers offer special discounts for those who will avail of their services during the fair. It’s something worth keeping in mind.


  • Social media

Many wedding videographers have social media accounts to promote their services through paid advertising or viral marketing among others. It is also a good source of information, especially if you’re focusing your efforts online. With more photographers now having an established presence in social media, you get to save considerable time and effort in reaching out to them, not to mention being able to easily see their portfolio.

  • Bridal publications and websites

There are a number of publications and websites available that are dedicated to wedding matters that you can check out. Many of these publications have a directory listing of wedding service providers like wedding photographers that you can contact.

  • Classified listings

Whether online or offline, classified listings have long been a reliable source of information on wedding videographers. The downside though is that the listings do not provide much detail, at least when comes to the work they have done, unless they listed their site or online portfolio in the ads. But with the limitations of the source, what is important at least is that they have provided valid contact information and that your queries to them will be promptly answered.

  • Wedding planners

Wedding planners can be very helpful in taking care of most of the wedding details for you, giving you lesser headaches and worries to mind about your wedding. In some cases, wedding planners can take care of finding a videographer for you if in case you have not found one.

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