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8 Helpful Tips on Producing Beautiful Wedding Photos

wedding photographyWhen it comes to wedding photography, the common goal of photographers is to produce beautiful wedding photos that show the story of a couple’s sacred union. These wedding photos are expected to be sharp, moving and visually appealing to viewers. The wedding photos are considered by the couple as some sort of proof of how they tied the knot to signify their love and they will be keeping these beautiful photos for years.

Since these wedding photos play an important part in the couple’s lives, the wedding photographer needs to carefully plan and prepare for the event so he/she can produce the expected beautiful wedding photos.

For beginner photographers, here are some helpful tips on how to produce remarkable wedding pictures.

  1. Shoot in RAW

Choosing to set your camera to shoot in RAW can help you receive the unprocessed captured images which you can process later in post-production. Shooting in RAW would mean that the data of an image is intact thus you can manipulate your images easier later to your heart’s desire. You can apply your creativity and show your artistic side during post-production.

  1. Apply fill flash

When taking pictures of the couple or their guests outdoors with the sun up, it is best to use an external flash to eliminate the shadows or dark spots you usually see when the sun is shining brightly. This is termed as the fill flash technique which can help you get sharp, visible images when outdoor. Photographers of quirky wedding photography apply this whenever necessary.

  1. Be more creative with your shots

If you want the wedding photos you will produce to be unique and better than the usual wedding photos, then you must not be afraid to experiment. Use your imagination and be creative with your shots. Change angles, look for the best spots to take pictures and use the right lenses. Scouting the wedding venue a day or two before the event can help you plan your shots better. If you need ideas on creative wedding shots, visit the site of this los angeles wedding photographer

  1. Choose the continuous shooting mode

Covering a wedding event would mean getting those fleeting moments captured on cam. It is recommended that you choose the continuous shooting mode in your DSLR whenever you find necessary. Say for example, during the wedding party, a lot of things happen here and there so you will have to be ready to take quick and fast shots. You will have a higher chance of capturing those precious moments that your clients would love to see and keep.

  1. Bring two or more cameras and attach different lenses

Having two or more cameras can help you produce a wider variety of shots. You can attach different lenses on each camera, like for example one for taking shots of the wedding venue while the other one is for taking portrait shots. Make sure to think ahead on what cameras and lenses to bring so you only get to bring the important ones.

  1. Get as near as possible

Of course, a photographer can get sharper and more detailed images when he/she is close to the subject. By being near, you do not have to zoom in for doing so sometimes lessens the quality of the image. For solemn moments like the exchange of vows, you can use a reliable telephoto zoom lens so you can still get sharp images even from afar.

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