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Dress for Success for Your Family Portrait Session

family portraitA family portrait has always been a source of pride for family members. When you look at a family picture, you feel happy and even nostalgic when you are far from home. There is a certain sense of belonging when you see your family together in a picture. This is one of the reasons why a lot of families nowadays spend time to gather for a photo shoot. It can be a shoot with parents and kids only or a grander family shoot among first-degree relatives.

A family portrait shoot is something that each family member must look forward to and prepare. You cannot just go to the location and wear anything you want without considering what others are wearing. Family members must think of the best dress or clothes to wear for the special family portrait session.

Here are some tips on how to dress for success for your family portrait session.

  1. Plan early on what to wear

Begin planning on what you and your kids should wear once you have booked for a family portrait shoot. Check each member’s wardrobe and think of what might look good for the pictorial.

  1. Coordinate colors but avoid matching

Find a color scheme and from there check what each member can wear. The style of wearing matching clothes is no longer done these days. It is best to choose a color palette where each member will use as a basis on what to wear. Additionally, you can have a central subject wearing a not-too distracting patterned or colorful dress and all other family members can choose colors from it.

  1. Look natural

Hair and makeup are important for female adult members. Find time to plan on what hair and makeup will look good with your dress or clothes. Try to find clothes that suit your personality so you will look natural and comfortable in the picture. You can ask your professional photographer on what to hair style goes wear with your clothes. Or, get ideas from other photographers such as this derby wedding photographer. They are great in giving suggestions when it comes to hair and makeup plus dress pair up.

  1. Avoid patterns and big prints

Big prints and patterns can be distracting in pictures for it will steer the attention from the real subject which is the family. Tell family members to avoid shirts with big, bold prints or dress with flashy or bright patterns. One member can wear a patterned dress that complement with what others are wearing, but please not more than one.

  1. Let kids pick what to wear

Give your kids some from freedom to choose what they want to wear but guide them through it. Have them pick 3 or 4 from their wardrobe or even buy new from a store but you will make the final decision on what to wear based on your chosen color or style scheme.

  1. Consider the location or background

Know the location and consider it when choosing what to wear. If you are going to have the pictorial in a studio, coordinate with the portrait photographer on what backdrop to use. A photo session, whatever form it is, whether portrait, wedding or smash cake photography, will only be successful if the client and photographer work together.

  1. Accessorize

Wearing accessories and even bringing some props can add life to your family portrait. Choose accessories that are not too big or distracting. Cute necklaces and bracelets will look good for kids.

Your family portrait session will surely be a success if you plan ahead on what to wear. Do not forget to have fun during the photo shoot and treasure this wonderful experience with your family.

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