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Event Photography: How to Get Started

event photography tipsEvent photography is considered as one of the lucrative forms of photography today. It has been gaining the interests of many amateur as well as professional photographers such as this Cheshire wedding photographer. Some of them think that event photography is as easy as the usual way we take pictures during a friend’s birthday or a family occasion. But well, event photography is more than your regular photo taking. Read on to learn more about it.

Facing the Challenges in Event Photography

Event photography presents many challenges that photographers, especially beginners, need to conquer. It is more than just taking pictures of people in events using your awesome DSLR; it is about delivering brilliant event photos that truly depict how the event went. Think about having to meet people of various personalities and shooting in different locations – some of which have poor lighting while others offer too bright light from the sun. You should prepare yourself to face people, situations and issues.

If you are truly serious about learning event photography, then here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Invest in the right equipment

A DSLR camera is without doubt the best type to use when shooting event. It can give you high resolution pictures while offering wonderful features that can give you the specific shots you need. You can start with an entry-level DSLR then eventually buy a more advanced one later. Purchase also the most suitable lenses for events, 3 of the best to buy are a prime lens for portrait/closeup shots; long lens for shooting from a distance and wide angle for photographing the venue or a group of people. Other items worth buying are a tripod, spare batteries and memory cards.

  1. Learn the basics of photography

Study your new camera before using it for an event. Familiarize its settings, modes, controls and available features. It is also important for you to understand the different photography terms and even contemplate in taking photography courses if you think there is a need to do so.

  1. Look for inspirations

Visiting websites of credible professional photographers can give you some ideas as well as inspiration on what to shoot. Observe their pictures by this Surrey wedding photographer, examine the angles the pictures were taken from and asses what settings were used for such creative shots.

  1. Determine the purpose of the shoot

Events differ a lot. There are small with less than a hundred attendees and big events with hundreds or even thousands of people. These events also different in purpose, it can be for documentation, promotion, marketing or just personal keepsake. Ask the client ahead of schedule so you can plan better for a specific event.

  1. Practice on actual events

Practice makes perfect as they say. And so, you should try to practice as often as you can. You can shoot pictures during a friend’s birthday, a family reunion or similar occasions. This can help hone your photography skills and prepare you for actual hired sessions.

The tips mentioned above can help you get started in event photography. If you need more tips, check online photography forums or talk to more experienced event photographers to get more advice and tips.

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