Preparing for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Boudoir photo shoots have an intimate and sexy feel to it. For photographers like the bristol wedding photographer, such photo shoots are an opportunity for them to showcase their skills and talents, especially in capturing a woman’s beauty in an atmosphere of intimacy and sexiness.

As such, women find it both thrilling and nervous to book a boudoir photo shoot, sometimes not knowing what to do to prepare for such a shoot. So we have listed down some things you need to remember in doing this shoot.



We will start with the most basic element which is the skin. Never, ever over-use self tanners and stay out of the sun. A photographer’s nightmare is having to correct those weird skin tones brought by sunburns and tan lines. Instead, moisturize your skin for a natural glow as glossy, shiny skin photographs well and also brings out muscle definition and tone. Also as a general rule, don’t do anything too crazy before the shoot like having a facial or get your eyebrows waxed for the first time as it may adversely affect how you would look in the photos.

Hair and Makeup

You are encouraged to get your hair and makeup, as well as a manicure and pedicure, be professionally done to make you look better on camera. Also, you should also have false eyelashes put on. They may feel too large, but they actually make your eyes look better on camera, especially when you are looking down and off to the side. You always want to exaggerate your features for the camera, especially your eyes and lips, so you would look better and stand out more on camera.



Remember to wear loose fitting clothing on the day of the shoot so that you don’t have markings on your body from the tight clothes you wear when you strip down. Keep in mind to bring clothing that makes you FEEL sexy, not what you THINK is sexy.

As a general rule for boudoir photography, the sexiest clothing items to bring are fall-off-the-shoulder tops, cropped soft sweaters, a man’s button down shirt/tie, lacy underthings, simple black and white bras/panties (these can be paired with other items), sheer slips/teddies, anything vintage, stockings/thigh highs/soft over-the-knee socks, sexy heels and subtle jewelry and hair pieces/flowers. Layering items is always a good thing to keep in mind, and bring as many clothing options as you can.

Diet and Sleep

One week before your shoot, cut out as much sugar, carbs and processed foods as you can. This will help make your skin look healthy instead of being bloated and puffy. Get as much sleep as you can the night before and eat something light the day of your shoot.

Be Yourself and Have Fun

Avoid being too anxious about the shoot and remember to have fun. If certain music would help in making you feel relaxed and in the mood, do not hesitate to play it. If you are someone who finds wine relaxing, you can go ahead and bring it along with you as long as you don’t get drunk for it.

With the right photographer, boudoir photo shoots can be a fun and fabulous experience that you will remember and cherish.

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