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Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android Users

snapseedMobile technology continues to flourish today. You can notice that there are a lot of phone applications developed and offered online to cater to the needs of mobile users. These 3rd party apps are divided in different categories like games, education, entertainment and a lot more.

There are games that are highly in demand among gamers while there are photo editing apps that are popular among photographers and photo enthusiasts. Some of these applications are free while others require a certain one-time fee.

There are applications that are limited for iPhone or Android only while others can be downloaded and installed on both iPhone and Android phone.

If you are into photography or just simply love taking pictures, you are surely on the lookout for the latest photo editing applications. Most of us love editing our pictures to make it look sharper, more artistic and attractive. Here are some photo applications that are highly recommended by most mobile users.

  1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editing application developed by Nik Software. This app allows you to perform common editing such as adjusting brightness, exposure and saturation plus the ability to fine-tune shadows in the images.

Snapseed also offers a wide variety of filters and effects that users will really love using. This app is available on iPhones with iOS of 6.1 or later.

  1. Darkroom

This app is well-loved by mobile users because it is a fast but easy to use application. A user can easily browse; edit photos and event create their own effects and filters. Darkroom is a free app but if you want to use the “curves” then you will have to pay $3.

Essex wedding photographer has tried this app and loved it.

  1. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is considered the most popular photo app for Android. Millions of users are already using this app. VSCO has an impressive line of built-in filters and fine-tuning tools. You can easily enhance pictures by adjusting contrast, cropping size, fine-tuning brightness, shadows and performing simple edits. This app is free for both iPhone and Android users. New users of VSCO can get help and advice from other VSCO users through an online community which is exclusive for VSCO users.

  1. Pro Camera8

Pro Camera8 is a paid photo editing app which you can get for $5. It is similar with other photo editing applications where editing tools, filters and effects are available. This app is great for night shots because you can adjust the settings to get sharp shots even in dim or low light.

Pro Camera8 also allows you to can save photos in jpeg or TIFF format. TIFF format means a higher quality image which is a good option if you plan to have the images in print.

  1. Camera+

Camera+ is a popular photo editing app that has been in the market for a couple of years now. It also has editing tools which you can use to enhance images. Further, you can easily control the settings manual to whatever you desire.

One interesting shoot mode in Camera+ is the macro mode. In macro mode, you can achieve a close up effect on your subject. It is almost like using a macro lens in a DSLR. You can use this for event photography.

With these photo apps, you can have fun editing and producing brilliant images. Go ahead and choose which one you’d like to install.

How Do I Choose a DSLR for Video?

dslrIn the past, DSLR cameras are only used for capturing still images but now DSLRs are also utilized as an HD video camera to record events or happenings. Several brands are continuously updating their product and offering DSLR cameras that they claim to be great for videos.

Two of the most preferred brands are, without a surprise, Canon and Nikon. Same brand preferred by professional photographers like hampshire wedding photographer to use in photographing events are now competing in the “best DSLR for video” category.

Choosing between Canon and Nikon can be difficult mainly because once you’ve started using one brand it will be difficult to change to the other one. It is also costly since most lenses and accessories only work with the same brand of camera thus the decision on which brand to use is critical.

Those who are new to photography and videography will surely find it difficult to make a decision on what DSLR brand to choose. And if you are among the newbies, you certainly arrived at this post looking for answers to the question “which DSRL is best for videos”.

There are several factors to take into account when looking to buy a DSLR with an HD video camera – camera sensors, ergonomics, budget, features and purpose.

  1. Full-frame o APS-C sensor

DSLR cameras have different sensors and the two basic options are Full frame and APS-C (cropped) sensor. Full frame cameras have large sensor which means larger field of view while APS-C cameras have limited or smaller field of view. APS-C or cropped is cheaper than full frame though. Some photographers in Kent Wedding Photography say that field of view is no big deal as long as you know how to compose and record an event. Both Nikon and Canon offer Full-frame and DSLR cameras that are worth checking out.

  1. Ergonomics

When it comes to ergonomics, you need to take into account the size of the camera, number of buttons on it and the ease of access to these buttons and knobs. Choose a camera that is preferably light weight, ease to use and has wonderful features for recording.

  1. Budget

If you’re not a shoestring, you can consider buying a DSLR camera that you think is the best no matter how pricey it is. Make sure to buy the correct lens though so you won’t be wasting your hard-earned money.

  1. Features to look for

Among the best features that a great DSLR for video can offer are:

  • can record impressively in low-light
  • great autofocus performance once main subject has been chosen
  • long battery life and clean, super clear video quality
  1. Purpose

Ask yourself where you will most likely use the video feature of you DSLR. Do you plan to use indoors or outdoors, recording formal events or casual day to day family affairs? If you will mostly use it for work, then consider what type of photography you are into. If you are a wedding photographer, then make sure to choose a camera that can record videos in low light. You can take pictures during the wedding and at the same time record some important parts like the couple’s exchange of vows.

It is surely fun and exciting to be able to take pictures as well as record videos using only one gadget – your DSLR camera. Make sure to keep in mind the factors to consider in choosing so you won’t regret the choice you made.

The 5 Best Android Phone Apps for Photographers

A lot of Android apps are now available for Android mobile users to choose from. Most of us choose the apps we install on our phone depending on our profession, interests and needs.

photographyFor photographers, there are hundreds of applications that can help them with their work. Apps vary from editing, photo settings, photo organizing and even photo sharing. Some apps require a certain payment while others are for free.

If you’re a new Android user, it is best for you to read reviews or ask fellow photographers as well as photography enthusiasts on what applications are best for you. To help you more, we came up with a list of 5 best Android phone apps for photographers. Check out these apps below.


Vignette is an Android app that is suitable for photographers. You are required to pay $3 to be able to download it. It is just a small amount for such a great app.

Through the Vignette app, you can add light when shooting so the images will look a lot better. Vignette also offers many features like photo effects (example: cross process, film type, etc), easy photo setting adjustment, filters, digital zoom and a lot more. You can choose from many filters and frames to make your shots look amazing. This Yorkshire Wedding Photographer also likes the Vignette app.


Camera 360 is a free Android app that is not only popular among photographers but also among many internet and Android users. This app can make your phone work like DLSR. There many filters and effects that you can choose from. Camera 360 can make your images look sharper and more attractive.

You can also easily share your photos to your social media accounts. Camera 360 is very easy to use and this is the reason why social media users are hooked to it. For amateur photographers, it is a good app for them to easily understand terms and practice using effects, filters and camera settings since there are settings in this app that are same with those in real digital cameras. Ask our wedding photographer surrey on how wonderful Camera360 is in learning more about photography.

Camera Zoom FX

Another Android app that photographers will surely love is the Camera Zoom FX. This app offers a limited trial version while the premium one is worth $3 per download. Camera Zoom FX offers many features including about 40 effects, image stabilization mode, and overlays. This app can help make your phone capture and edit better images because of the user-friendly settings that it has. You can set the resolution white balance and focus to your preference.


Snapseed is a wonderful photo editing application that a photographer should consider installing on his Android phone. This app has wonderful features that are similar to those you can find in professional editing software. New photographers will have a great time practicing on how to edit images using different useful editing features. Using the features on Snapseed, you can crop, straighten and enhance photos. You can also make it appear black & white or apply vignette or use the different frames available. There are many other features you can find on Snapseed that makes it worth getting.

Camera FV-5

An Android app that is said to act like a DLSR camera is the Camera FV-5. A lot of the functions of this application is same with those on the digital camera. The settings are adjustable to your wants. You can choose the focus mode; adjust ISO, white balance and exposure. Photographers will most definitely learn and love this Android application.

There are several other Android applications that you can check out and install on your Android phone. Choose the one that you can really use and can truly help you become a better photographer.

A review of the Nikon D5500 DSLR

As most photographs know, the Nikon company is among the leading camera manufacturers in the world. Nikon camera models are classy and easy to use. Nikon’s D5500 is the first model within their DSLR range to come with touchscreen. You will really like this model because it is the most recent version that has been upgraded to match the clients needs without necessarily going through a massive overhaul. D5500 is designed for both the novices and experienced photographers ready for more sophisticated techniques.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 19.19.33

The key features include:

Wi-fi and GPS Connectivity

It has in built Wi-Fi connectivity, but the GPS feature has been removed. However, you can buy the GP-1A GPS module independently if you want to geotag your phographs. This can be very disappointing, though to some people the feature goes unused.
Interestingly, the Wi-Fi connectivity is very significant, allowing you to link with a smart gadget using the wireless phone utility application, which is availabe for both iOS and android systems. This feature will not only allow you to share photos online, but also help you to control the camera wirelessly.

24.2 MP Sensor

It also has A DX-format sensor with a resolution of 24.2 megapixels and dimensions of 15.6×23.5 mm just like its predecessor, D5300. The version is not equipped with the optical low-pass filter or anti-aliasing, which allow the sensor to resolve a soaring level of detail. With the filter misssing in your camera it implies that images from the Nikon D5500 will be significantly affected by moire patterning. But you can remove moire patterning in post production must if it happens.

EXPEED 4 Processor

The model also features similar 3.2 inch 1,037, 000 dot LCD touch screen and a EXPEED 4 processor. Earlier entries in the Nikon D series have seen inprovements or changes made to the processor. However, the D5500 disobey this trend. There are new changes that have been made to the camera’s algorithms to reduce noise in JPEG pictures and for more sophisticated calculations attained from 2016 pixel RGB colour sensor. It will enhance your likely autofocus and colour accuracy. With a EXPEED 4 processor the camera can offer you a shooting speed of 5fps like its predecessors: D5200 and D5300.

25,600 ISO Sensitivity

Nikon D5500 has H1 setting that is corresponding to ISO 25, 600, in addition to native ISO sensitivity straddling ISO 100-10,800. This aim at offering you the best in-camera processing by utilizing similar ISO sensitivity range.

Flat Picture Style

This is a very crucial feature in photography. Flat picture style allows you to capture a low-clarity and low- contrast picture with the lowest sharpening. This offers you a high dynamic array piece of video recording that is precise for sharpening, grading, and colour in production.

Video Functionality

The video functionality has not been changed from the D5300. It comes with full HD 1920×1080 pixels footage at the frame levels of 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p, 60p and more. You can get the best video shooting experience by employing the vari-angle touchscreen feature.


On the top side of the camera there is a hotshoe an built-in microphone that can record stereo sound in video recording .

Value for Money

It is available for £627, which is inexpensive considering the features that it can offer you.


It’s a nice camera without a doubt but will pro photographers go for it? Who knows, it’s probably not robust enough, although I am sure pro’s who do event photography like the guys over at SmartPicsUK will love the wi-fi capability – I’m not buying myself one just yet.

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer For Your Wedding

Planning for your wedding?  At Wigan Photoshop and Photography Society we are often asked for advice on wedding photography – invariably we are also asked if any of our members would be willing to photography the wedding? Well this article is to answer those questions and explain why you should really hire a professional!

A wedding is typically one of the most important and special occasions for anyone, as it often happen once in a lifetime. It’s therefore not surprising that you want the very best for your wedding from the transportation, catering, venue to the reception. When it comes to photography, many people consider enlisting the services of an expert. Well, it may seem an unnecessary expense but the benefits far outweigh the cost. They include.

1. Have The Expertise

Unlike the ordinary person, a wedding photographer has the knowledge and skills needed to capture stunning images regardless of the location or time of the day. They have completed training and know what goes on in the world of photography. They, for instance, understand what settings work for individual photos and group photos, particular time of the day, locations, and even those that don’t. That way, they are able to take accurate shots that relive the day when you just look at them. Wedding photographers also stay up to date with advancements in technology and products by researching on the internet and attending seminars. So, by hiring their services, you can be able to benefit from the latest and most effective products.

2. Wealth Of Experience

Experience is a key factor when it comes to wedding photography. Someone who has been in the field for some time is best placed to give you the beautiful photos you want than one who’s fresh in the industry. Why? He or she will have taken shots in many different venues with different settings (some similar to your own) and so on. Further, they will have dealt with hundreds and hundreds of clients with different needs and specifications. Therefore, by hiring them, you can be sure that job will be in the right hands and you’ll get the results you want.

3. Appropriate Equipment

One of the key benefits of hiring a wedding photographer is that they will have an assortment of equipment, not just a DSLR camera. The professionals come equipped with some of the most sophisticated, expensive and quality equipment which enables them to capture the best moments without missing any detail. These may include professional camera bodies, multiple lenses, memory cards, batteries, brackets, adapters and light-stands. Most importantly, they know how to use them and can alter settings to bring out the best in every photo. While you can buy some of these, it may not be a wise move from an economic view as you’ll likely be using them less frequently.

4. Committed To You

A professional wedding photographer will be committed to your wedding day. In short, you can be sure that they will show up on that day. The reason is because they’re contractually obligated to do everything you’re hiring them to do, and not doing so out of will like a friend. Disappointments are the last thing you would want on your big day, and thankfully they can be avoided by enlisting the services of a professional.

The benefits of professional wedding photography are numerous; you can get quality, efficiency and useful advice among others. Even better, the journey to find a wedding photographer shouldn’t be as daunting as it seems if you keep a few things in mind.


First things first, we all love high resolution images, they are crystal clear in definition that we can grade as 100%. But what we don’t know is how much Photoshop has been used on them. We don’t really know the details until we can see the original and realise that it’s bears little to no resemblance to the edited one. This is what we call the “shopped” look – i.e. over photoshopped. This one big mistake in photography is somewhat rejected by most and especially this society.

One thing that you need to learn first is to appreciate what is there. It doesn’t matter whether the subject is good or bad, what really matters is the simplicity of the subject. As a pro photographer, you need to learn to accept the facts and embrace reality. Don’t rely on image enhancing software to make you a better photographer – rely on your skill with the camera.

Photography is about light first, then location and then the subject – get that right and you photoshop requirements will reduce and you will become a better photographer for it.

Here’s a video I came across on my Facebook feed which sums up my post very well.

Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to the new website for Wigan Photoshop and Photography Society.

Firstly a huge thanks to club member Calum Stebbing for providing the club with free hosting on his company’s web servers. This will save a lot of money in club funds and as a thank you to Calum we have decided to make him a lifetime member of the club with no membership fees to pay.

Secondly thank you to Terry Smith for taking the time to teach the Web sub-committee everything they needed to know about WordPress.  It was new to many of us having been used to our old Joomla based website, but everyone agrees this is much easier to use and create content on.

Lastly thank you to John Patton club secretary for creating the initial site layout which I am sure you will all agree looks wonderful.

Of course a Photography website isn’t really a site unless it has pictures, so here is a beautiful image to kick things off.

New England Landscape