First things first, we all love high resolution images, they are crystal clear in definition that we can grade as 100%. But what we don’t know is how much Photoshop has been used on them. We don’t really know the details until we can see the original and realise that it’s bears little to no resemblance to the edited one. This is what we call the “shopped” look – i.e. over photoshopped. This one big mistake in photography is somewhat rejected by most and especially this society.

One thing that you need to learn first is to appreciate what is there. It doesn’t matter whether the subject is good or bad, what really matters is the simplicity of the subject. As a pro photographer, you need to learn to accept the facts and embrace reality. Don’t rely on image enhancing software to make you a better photographer – rely on your skill with the camera.

Photography is about light first, then location and then the subject – get that right and you photoshop requirements will reduce and you will become a better photographer for it.

Here’s a video I came across on my Facebook feed which sums up my post very well.

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