Is a Flash Necessary in My Wedding Photography Kit?

flash photographyWhen taking pictures, there’s no doubt that light plays an important part in your captured image. It can either make the subject in the picture stand out when light is sufficient or ruin the picture if light is not enough. There are instances when light is low in a location prompting the photographer to find ways to generate light.

One of the common ways to generate light is through the use of an external source which is a flash. There are different camera flashes that a photographer can choose from depending on brand, size and prize. Some photographers find a camera flash unnecessary while others think it is best to have one reserved in cases that more light is necessary.

In wedding photography Hampshire, it is somehow confusing whether they need to include a camera flash in their kit when covering weddings or not. Some wedding photographers choose to adjust the settings of their camera so it can allow more light to enter when taking pictures. The question now that bothers several wedding photographers is “Is a Flash Really Necessary in My Wedding Photography Kit?”

Well, my answer is a YES. If you can afford a flash and if it still fits into your kit, then bring one. Below are some reasons you should have a flash in your camera bag.

  1. Low light venues

There are indoor wedding venues where the lights are really deliberately dim which can make it difficult for a wedding photographer to produce a clear, visible image. If you adjust the camera settings like increase the ISO sometimes it doesn’t work and you end up with grainy, blurry images. Situations like this make it necessary to use a flash.

If you are afraid that a flash can be too bright and unnatural, there are plenty of ways you can lessen or diffuse it. You can even bounce it off the ceiling or wall so the light won’t be thrown directly at the subject.

  1. Fill flash when shooting outdoors

In shooting a wedding outdoors, the light from the sun is sometimes to bright and it casts shadows on your subject especially if the sun is right behind the subject being photographed. To remove the shadows, you need to use a flash when you shoot. This technique is called fill flash and the result is amazing. You can produce sharp images of the couple when applying fill flash in that given situation.

  1. Shooting macro

Macro shooting of special wedding items is commonly done by wedding photographers. At times, the use of a flash helps make the details of the item look clearer. You can either use the flash directly or diffuse it before shooting the particular item. You will be amazed at how clear the images are when you shoot macro with a flash on.

Visiting the wedding venue a day or two before schedule can help you know how much light is available and from there you can formulate your own lighting plan. You can decide whether to bring a flash or not and determine what other accessories (like umbrella) you should bring.

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