GoPro and Action Photography

GoPro has managed to become the breakout product in the realm of digital photography as it is becoming a popular gadget among more and more people, most especially among the adventurous and the active types.

As a consequence of this popularity, GoPro is fast becoming the camera of choice for sports, to be specific extreme sports such as kayaking, surfing, and skydiving among many others, certainly changing the way how such sports are being documented in the realm of photography.


For those who are outside looking into this phenomenon, the growing popularity of this camera has been a fascinating case study of sorts, especially when we look at its use and popularity in the field of sports. Let’s try to look deeper into GoPro as a product and why it is being considered a great product in sports photography.

Camera capabilities

First things first is for us to look at the technical specifications of this product. As far as the features is concerned the GoPro is no pushover. With regards to it photographic qualities, it boasts of a 12 megapixel resolution and captures images with a wide field of view with a 4000 x 3000 screen resolution. While it basically works as a point and shoot type of camera, you have the option to customize the settings like ISO, shutter, auto white balance, and exposure value compensation, among others.

Another standout feature of the GoPro is its burst feature which can capture up to 30 frames per second, allowing you to shoot the action as it happens in an instant, with greater chances of being able to capture that “winning shot.” And for night photography, the GoPro offers the Night Photo and Night Lapse, along with an auto-low light mode that allows users to better capture night images in great detail.

Connectivity is another important element the camera takes into consideration as it has a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features that allows you to share your photos instantly over the web or another device. On top of that, thanks to the GoPro App, your mobile phone or tablet is connected to the camera, allowing you to use your phone or tablet as a remote for your GoPro, allowing you not only to take photos or videos but also to control your GoPro, customize camera settings, and be able to share them instantly through text, email, and social media, among others.

Built for video

However, it is in videography where GoPro really shines as it stands as the product’s “killer feature.” As a video camera, it is able to record the action in great detail. In fact, you can shoot videos on your GoPro even in 4K ultra-high definition quality at 1440p resolution. This entails that you can shoot video in cinematic quality.


Small and handy

With all these advanced features built in to the camera, it is a never ending source of fascination when one learns how small the GoPro is in proportion, a fine example that in some cases, size does not matter.

The very small and lightweight size of this camera has served as an inspiration for users to think of many ways to capture the action with GoPro. Some make use of the monopod to capture themselves in action while others put it on their helmets or some other gear, providing the viewer a first person point of view (POV) of the action and giving a different but interesting perspective in the process.

The first person POV shots captured by GoPro in vivid quality has become a trademark of sorts for GoPro and has helped catapult the product to popularity in such a short amount of time. One can’t help think of seeing these images without thinking of GoPro now.

With that said, GoPro is a product that may not be for everybody or for every photographer like Denise Winter, especially if you are not fond of having a distorted view of photos you will be taking. Also, as far as sports photography is concerned, not all sports would look good when captured with GoPro. At best, GoPro is a camera suited for certain occasions and events. Knowing when to use it and understanding how it works is a key in making this work well to its potential.

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