Getting Awesome Portraits on an iPhone

portrait photographyTaking photographs of the people around us is what most of us love doing. We take portrait shots on weddings, birthdays, and special events and even on regular days. Some of us use a digital camera while others prefer using the camera on their phone.

One of the best phones for taking portrait shots is an iPhone. We all know how popular and useful an iPhone is when it comes to communications, entertainment and work. But not all of us know how to make use of the iPhone’s camera in getting awesome portraits.

iPhone is a great alternative to digital cameras and a good backup for a documentary wedding photographer. While it may not be as great as DSLRs but it is definitely easy to use, control and carry. It also produces sharp, detailed portraits when used correctly. In portrait photography, the common subjects are an individual or a group of people. The photographer must be able to let the subjects shine and their mood, emotions, expressions will reflect on the pictures.

There are techniques that you can follow to get wonderful portraits on your iPhone. Below are some tips worth learning.

  1. Ask friends or relatives to be your model

You can ask your child, your friend or a family member to be your model. Use different modes available in your iPhone and shoot as often as you can and observe the images you have captured. Asses what the best photos are and why they look great.

  1. Experiment with different angles

Try shooting in different angles for more creative images. You can position yourself from below by sitting or kneeling down or you can try shooting from above through standing on a low chair or ladder.

  1. Use a reflector to bounce light

If the sun is too bright when you shoot outdoors using an iPhone, try to use a reflector to bounce it off. You can make use of a car windshield shade if you don’t have a  disc reflector. Position the reflector on the side opposite to where the sun is and let the light bounce off to your model’s face.

  1. Look for interesting locations

To make the most out of your iPhone’s camera in shooting portraits, look for locations that are uncommon. You can make your model pose near a fence, a tree or something more unique. Just make sure the it is clutter-free so the focus will remain on the person and not on the background.

  1. Golden hour works best for outdoor portraits

Similar to using a DSRL for outdoor portrait shoots, you can also produce more awesome images on an iPhone by photographing during the golden hours. An hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset remain the best times for portrait shooting even on an iPhone. The light is just right during those times so you don’t need a reflector.

  1. Use natural light instead of a flash

Avoid using the flash on your iPhone for it will create shadows and dark spots on your picture. The first option will always be positioning your subject near a window so natural light will shine on him/her. You can visit the website of this surrey wedding photographer to view photos taken using natural light.

  1. Position your model off-center

Same with DSLRs, you can follow the rule of thirds when shooting on your iPhone. You can make use of the gridlines on your phone as a guide when composing and framing your image. Position the subject off-center and not in the middle. This can give you a nicer output.

A good advantage when shooting on an iPhone is that you can easily share the pictures to your friends through a photo-sharing site like Instagram. You can install the Instagram app on your phone and edit the image from there before finally uploading online.

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