Choosing the Right Tripod to Use

tripodCameras and lenses are among the things that we usually see professional photographers carry with them. A camera and lens make it possible for photographers to get their desired image. But then, what other gear do they also carry with them during photo sessions? A tripod? Yes, that’s right!

A tripod is perhaps the next most important thing that photographers need for their job. This 3-legged equipment gives stability to the camera there is less to no camera shakes. A camera shake usually happens when a person cannot hold the camera still. This is common among photographers who shoot for long hours or under uncommon situations.

Tripods may look the same with only a slight difference depending on the brand and model. But then, in reality tripods certainly differ in several ways. The most notable difference is their usability. Some tripods are best for studios while others are ideal for outdoor shooting like in landscape photography.

If you are planning to buy a tripod, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right one.

  1. Size

When it comes to sizes, tripods differ in their weight and height. Some can be as high as 180cm (6 feet) while others are limited to a maximum height of 120cm. Most professionals recommend amateurs to buy a tripod that can go as high as their own height. So, if you are 5 feet tall then go for a tripod that is around 5 feet or higher.

  1. Budget

Similar to buying a camera and lens, your choice of tripod will depend on how much you can afford. If you can buy light yet more expensive tripods, then go purchase one. An expensive but great quality tripod can last for a lifetime so you don’t need to but another one every now and then.

  1. Low and High Level Capacity

A tripod that can be adjusted to an ultra-low level is a good choice for photographers who love shooting in unique angles. They can produce more creative shots if their tripod can easily be adjusted to the preferred height or position. Visit to see wonderful, creative pictures.

  1. Type of material

Two common materials that tripods are made of are carbon fibre and alloy. Tripods made of carbon fibre are generally more expensive yet it is lighter in size and more durable. It is suitable for photographers who travel often since it weighs less thus it won’t be such a burden when travelling.

On the other hand, tripods made of alloy are cheaper but are heavier and are only suitable for studio shooting. It won’t be that efficient when used for the more challenging landscape photography and sports photography.

  1. Cameras and Lenses You Use

When choosing a tripod, it is also good to consider the cameras and lenses you have. If most of the lenses you use have a long focal length, then you will have to consider buying a really sturdy tripod. Lenses like telephoto or zoom lens are heavier when placed on the tripod. This can cause vibration from the camera and lens, hence, the quality of produced image will be affected. Photographers of Luque Photography  are very much aware of this.

Overall, a tripod can be really helpful in your photography job. Make sure to get one that is ideal to your needs, budget and type of photography.

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