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Why Becoming a Boudoir Photographer Ain’t Easy

boudoir photographyHave you heard about Boudoir Photography? Are you starting to gain interest on it? Do you think you can become a great boudoir photographer someday? Well, boudoir photography is a form of photography that is often mistaken as intimate portraiture or glamour photography. In reality, boudoir photography is different and more depth.

To start with, boudoir comes from a French word that means “a lady’s private room”. It is an old French word that is not used a lot these days but it became popular again with the onset of boudoir photography. In boudoir photography, the lady posing in front a photographer’s camera is a client who wants some sensual photos of herself. She has no experience in camera modeling and really needs the guidance of the boudoir photographer she hired.

The boudoir pictures that the lady client usually gets are given to her future groom or partner as a gift. For some, they keep the photos for themselves to remind them of how they look before or just simply to feel confident about themselves. And since the client is new to this, the photographer will be totally in-charge and must know what he/she should do in a boudoir shoot.

If you think boudoir can be learned in a short time, think again. Boudoir photography needs to be taken serious in order to become successful at it. Here are some reasons why becoming a boudoir photographer ain’t easy but still possible.

  1. You need to develop people skills

It is normal for ladies to feel awkward or hesitant when posing in front of the camera wearing little to almost nothing. An efficient boudoir photographer is someone who can communicate well with clients and assure them that everything will be alright. If you want to become a boudoir photographer, then you have to develop your people skills first. You must be a good communicator and must prove to your client that you are credible and trustworthy. Even professionals specializing in wedding photography essex need to have awesome people skills. One way to develop your people skills is to join events to meet people.

  1. You must know how to direct an inexperienced client

Becoming a boudoir photographer will require you to have the knowledge and skills in directing a boudoir shoot. You must learn first how to highlight the best assets of you clients and even know where the best angles to shoot are. These lady clients do not have any experience in modeling so you the photographer must have the skills and knowledge so you can effectively guide and help them with their poses.

  1. You must have the right equipment to use

There are specific equipment or items that a photographer must use in the specific form of photography he/she is into. For boudoir photography, there are specific professional DSLR cameras, lenses, accessories, light sources and props that you must own in order to get the deliver the best boudoir photos for your clients. You have to research and pick the best equipment to use so you can invest on the right photography stuff.

Equipment, experience and skills are important for you to gain in order to deliver the expected services and make your boudoir shoots successful. Be a part of the once-in-a-lifetime experience of these ladies and try to make their experiences remarkable.

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Event Photography: How to Get Started

event photography tipsEvent photography is considered as one of the lucrative forms of photography today. It has been gaining the interests of many amateur as well as professional photographers such as this Cheshire wedding photographer. Some of them think that event photography is as easy as the usual way we take pictures during a friend’s birthday or a family occasion. But well, event photography is more than your regular photo taking. Read on to learn more about it.

Facing the Challenges in Event Photography

Event photography presents many challenges that photographers, especially beginners, need to conquer. It is more than just taking pictures of people in events using your awesome DSLR; it is about delivering brilliant event photos that truly depict how the event went. Think about having to meet people of various personalities and shooting in different locations – some of which have poor lighting while others offer too bright light from the sun. You should prepare yourself to face people, situations and issues.

If you are truly serious about learning event photography, then here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Invest in the right equipment

A DSLR camera is without doubt the best type to use when shooting event. It can give you high resolution pictures while offering wonderful features that can give you the specific shots you need. You can start with an entry-level DSLR then eventually buy a more advanced one later. Purchase also the most suitable lenses for events, 3 of the best to buy are a prime lens for portrait/closeup shots; long lens for shooting from a distance and wide angle for photographing the venue or a group of people. Other items worth buying are a tripod, spare batteries and memory cards.

  1. Learn the basics of photography

Study your new camera before using it for an event. Familiarize its settings, modes, controls and available features. It is also important for you to understand the different photography terms and even contemplate in taking photography courses if you think there is a need to do so.

  1. Look for inspirations

Visiting websites of credible professional photographers can give you some ideas as well as inspiration on what to shoot. Observe their pictures by this Surrey wedding photographer, examine the angles the pictures were taken from and asses what settings were used for such creative shots.

  1. Determine the purpose of the shoot

Events differ a lot. There are small with less than a hundred attendees and big events with hundreds or even thousands of people. These events also different in purpose, it can be for documentation, promotion, marketing or just personal keepsake. Ask the client ahead of schedule so you can plan better for a specific event.

  1. Practice on actual events

Practice makes perfect as they say. And so, you should try to practice as often as you can. You can shoot pictures during a friend’s birthday, a family reunion or similar occasions. This can help hone your photography skills and prepare you for actual hired sessions.

The tips mentioned above can help you get started in event photography. If you need more tips, check online photography forums or talk to more experienced event photographers to get more advice and tips.

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4 Low Light Photography Tips You Should Learn

low light photography tipsLight is an important element in photography. Photographers need sufficient light in order to produce great photos. Lack of light can present a challenge to photographers and they will need to find ways to conquer such problem. For professional photographers, this may no longer be a problem since they already know what to do. But then, for newbies they will need to learn how to deal with low light.

There are low light photography tips that you can follow to make it possible for you to produce great photos even when light is not enough. These low light photography tips can even be used to create creative shots.

Here are 4 basic yet very helpful low light photography tips that you should learn.

  1. Crank up your ISO

When we talk about ISO, we are referring to the sensitivity of your camera to light. Increasing the ISO of your camera would mean that more light can get into it. When more light can get it in, that would of course mean that you can have your subject appear clear in in the pictures. The higher the ISO number that you choose the more light enters into the camera. The maximum ISO number varies among different brands of camera.

A bit of downside to cranking up you ISO is the noise that it might produce making your image look grainy. Thus, it is important to choose just the right ISO number before shooting. With frequent practice, you can be as good as these wedding photographers cambridgeshire in using this technique

  1. Use off-camera flash but bounce it off

Most professionals will surely advise you not to use a flash when shooting in low light. Using an on-camera or even external flash can most likely produce shadows in the pictures when not done well. But since there are really times that call for the use of a flash to illuminate a location, then use an external or off-camera flash. Make sure not to directly focus the flash on your subject though. You can have to diffuse it or bounce it off the ceiling or wall. Only use a flash if it is really impossible to get natural light in the scene.

  1. Use the image stabilization feature

There are digital single lens reflex cameras that have an image stabilization feature. Using this feature, you can produce good photos even when the location is dark or when your subject is moving. This feature can help stabilize your images so you can still get awesome, sharp images of your subject.

  1. Choose the right aperture

There are lenses that can help you achieve the images you want. Choose larger aperture lenses so more light can get in your lens. The aperture is presented in what we call f/stops and the lower the number, the larger the aperture. Thus, f/4 means more exposure than f/5.6.

If you are unsure on what to use, you can shoot in aperture priority mode so your camera will choose the right aperture for you.

There is really nothing to worry about when faced with a low light situation. Just follow any of the tips above. Through practice, you can surely become better and better in low light photography.


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8 Helpful Tips on Producing Beautiful Wedding Photos

wedding photographyWhen it comes to wedding photography, the common goal of photographers is to produce beautiful wedding photos that show the story of a couple’s sacred union. These wedding photos are expected to be sharp, moving and visually appealing to viewers. The wedding photos are considered by the couple as some sort of proof of how they tied the knot to signify their love and they will be keeping these beautiful photos for years.

Since these wedding photos play an important part in the couple’s lives, the wedding photographer needs to carefully plan and prepare for the event so he/she can produce the expected beautiful wedding photos.

For beginner photographers, here are some helpful tips on how to produce remarkable wedding pictures.

  1. Shoot in RAW

Choosing to set your camera to shoot in RAW can help you receive the unprocessed captured images which you can process later in post-production. Shooting in RAW would mean that the data of an image is intact thus you can manipulate your images easier later to your heart’s desire. You can apply your creativity and show your artistic side during post-production.

  1. Apply fill flash

When taking pictures of the couple or their guests outdoors with the sun up, it is best to use an external flash to eliminate the shadows or dark spots you usually see when the sun is shining brightly. This is termed as the fill flash technique which can help you get sharp, visible images when outdoor. Photographers of quirky wedding photography apply this whenever necessary.

  1. Be more creative with your shots

If you want the wedding photos you will produce to be unique and better than the usual wedding photos, then you must not be afraid to experiment. Use your imagination and be creative with your shots. Change angles, look for the best spots to take pictures and use the right lenses. Scouting the wedding venue a day or two before the event can help you plan your shots better. If you need ideas on creative wedding shots, visit the site of this los angeles wedding photographer

  1. Choose the continuous shooting mode

Covering a wedding event would mean getting those fleeting moments captured on cam. It is recommended that you choose the continuous shooting mode in your DSLR whenever you find necessary. Say for example, during the wedding party, a lot of things happen here and there so you will have to be ready to take quick and fast shots. You will have a higher chance of capturing those precious moments that your clients would love to see and keep.

  1. Bring two or more cameras and attach different lenses

Having two or more cameras can help you produce a wider variety of shots. You can attach different lenses on each camera, like for example one for taking shots of the wedding venue while the other one is for taking portrait shots. Make sure to think ahead on what cameras and lenses to bring so you only get to bring the important ones.

  1. Get as near as possible

Of course, a photographer can get sharper and more detailed images when he/she is close to the subject. By being near, you do not have to zoom in for doing so sometimes lessens the quality of the image. For solemn moments like the exchange of vows, you can use a reliable telephoto zoom lens so you can still get sharp images even from afar.

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Dress for Success for Your Family Portrait Session

family portraitA family portrait has always been a source of pride for family members. When you look at a family picture, you feel happy and even nostalgic when you are far from home. There is a certain sense of belonging when you see your family together in a picture. This is one of the reasons why a lot of families nowadays spend time to gather for a photo shoot. It can be a shoot with parents and kids only or a grander family shoot among first-degree relatives.

A family portrait shoot is something that each family member must look forward to and prepare. You cannot just go to the location and wear anything you want without considering what others are wearing. Family members must think of the best dress or clothes to wear for the special family portrait session.

Here are some tips on how to dress for success for your family portrait session.

  1. Plan early on what to wear

Begin planning on what you and your kids should wear once you have booked for a family portrait shoot. Check each member’s wardrobe and think of what might look good for the pictorial.

  1. Coordinate colors but avoid matching

Find a color scheme and from there check what each member can wear. The style of wearing matching clothes is no longer done these days. It is best to choose a color palette where each member will use as a basis on what to wear. Additionally, you can have a central subject wearing a not-too distracting patterned or colorful dress and all other family members can choose colors from it.

  1. Look natural

Hair and makeup are important for female adult members. Find time to plan on what hair and makeup will look good with your dress or clothes. Try to find clothes that suit your personality so you will look natural and comfortable in the picture. You can ask your professional photographer on what to hair style goes wear with your clothes. Or, get ideas from other photographers such as this derby wedding photographer. They are great in giving suggestions when it comes to hair and makeup plus dress pair up.

  1. Avoid patterns and big prints

Big prints and patterns can be distracting in pictures for it will steer the attention from the real subject which is the family. Tell family members to avoid shirts with big, bold prints or dress with flashy or bright patterns. One member can wear a patterned dress that complement with what others are wearing, but please not more than one.

  1. Let kids pick what to wear

Give your kids some from freedom to choose what they want to wear but guide them through it. Have them pick 3 or 4 from their wardrobe or even buy new from a store but you will make the final decision on what to wear based on your chosen color or style scheme.

  1. Consider the location or background

Know the location and consider it when choosing what to wear. If you are going to have the pictorial in a studio, coordinate with the portrait photographer on what backdrop to use. A photo session, whatever form it is, whether portrait, wedding or smash cake photography, will only be successful if the client and photographer work together.

  1. Accessorize

Wearing accessories and even bringing some props can add life to your family portrait. Choose accessories that are not too big or distracting. Cute necklaces and bracelets will look good for kids.

Your family portrait session will surely be a success if you plan ahead on what to wear. Do not forget to have fun during the photo shoot and treasure this wonderful experience with your family.

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GoPro and Action Photography

GoPro has managed to become the breakout product in the realm of digital photography as it is becoming a popular gadget among more and more people, most especially among the adventurous and the active types.

As a consequence of this popularity, GoPro is fast becoming the camera of choice for sports, to be specific extreme sports such as kayaking, surfing, and skydiving among many others, certainly changing the way how such sports are being documented in the realm of photography.


For those who are outside looking into this phenomenon, the growing popularity of this camera has been a fascinating case study of sorts, especially when we look at its use and popularity in the field of sports. Let’s try to look deeper into GoPro as a product and why it is being considered a great product in sports photography.

Camera capabilities

First things first is for us to look at the technical specifications of this product. As far as the features is concerned the GoPro is no pushover. With regards to it photographic qualities, it boasts of a 12 megapixel resolution and captures images with a wide field of view with a 4000 x 3000 screen resolution. While it basically works as a point and shoot type of camera, you have the option to customize the settings like ISO, shutter, auto white balance, and exposure value compensation, among others.

Another standout feature of the GoPro is its burst feature which can capture up to 30 frames per second, allowing you to shoot the action as it happens in an instant, with greater chances of being able to capture that “winning shot.” And for night photography, the GoPro offers the Night Photo and Night Lapse, along with an auto-low light mode that allows users to better capture night images in great detail.

Connectivity is another important element the camera takes into consideration as it has a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features that allows you to share your photos instantly over the web or another device. On top of that, thanks to the GoPro App, your mobile phone or tablet is connected to the camera, allowing you to use your phone or tablet as a remote for your GoPro, allowing you not only to take photos or videos but also to control your GoPro, customize camera settings, and be able to share them instantly through text, email, and social media, among others.

Built for video

However, it is in videography where GoPro really shines as it stands as the product’s “killer feature.” As a video camera, it is able to record the action in great detail. In fact, you can shoot videos on your GoPro even in 4K ultra-high definition quality at 1440p resolution. This entails that you can shoot video in cinematic quality.


Small and handy

With all these advanced features built in to the camera, it is a never ending source of fascination when one learns how small the GoPro is in proportion, a fine example that in some cases, size does not matter.

The very small and lightweight size of this camera has served as an inspiration for users to think of many ways to capture the action with GoPro. Some make use of the monopod to capture themselves in action while others put it on their helmets or some other gear, providing the viewer a first person point of view (POV) of the action and giving a different but interesting perspective in the process.

The first person POV shots captured by GoPro in vivid quality has become a trademark of sorts for GoPro and has helped catapult the product to popularity in such a short amount of time. One can’t help think of seeing these images without thinking of GoPro now.

With that said, GoPro is a product that may not be for everybody or for every photographer like Denise Winter, especially if you are not fond of having a distorted view of photos you will be taking. Also, as far as sports photography is concerned, not all sports would look good when captured with GoPro. At best, GoPro is a camera suited for certain occasions and events. Knowing when to use it and understanding how it works is a key in making this work well to its potential.

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