Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android Users

snapseedMobile technology continues to flourish today. You can notice that there are a lot of phone applications developed and offered online to cater to the needs of mobile users. These 3rd party apps are divided in different categories like games, education, entertainment and a lot more.

There are games that are highly in demand among gamers while there are photo editing apps that are popular among photographers and photo enthusiasts. Some of these applications are free while others require a certain one-time fee.

There are applications that are limited for iPhone or Android only while others can be downloaded and installed on both iPhone and Android phone.

If you are into photography or just simply love taking pictures, you are surely on the lookout for the latest photo editing applications. Most of us love editing our pictures to make it look sharper, more artistic and attractive. Here are some photo applications that are highly recommended by most mobile users.

  1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editing application developed by Nik Software. This app allows you to perform common editing such as adjusting brightness, exposure and saturation plus the ability to fine-tune shadows in the images.

Snapseed also offers a wide variety of filters and effects that users will really love using. This app is available on iPhones with iOS of 6.1 or later.

  1. Darkroom

This app is well-loved by mobile users because it is a fast but easy to use application. A user can easily browse; edit photos and event create their own effects and filters. Darkroom is a free app but if you want to use the “curves” then you will have to pay $3.

Essex wedding photographer has tried this app and loved it.

  1. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is considered the most popular photo app for Android. Millions of users are already using this app. VSCO has an impressive line of built-in filters and fine-tuning tools. You can easily enhance pictures by adjusting contrast, cropping size, fine-tuning brightness, shadows and performing simple edits. This app is free for both iPhone and Android users. New users of VSCO can get help and advice from other VSCO users through an online community which is exclusive for VSCO users.

  1. Pro Camera8

Pro Camera8 is a paid photo editing app which you can get for $5. It is similar with other photo editing applications where editing tools, filters and effects are available. This app is great for night shots because you can adjust the settings to get sharp shots even in dim or low light.

Pro Camera8 also allows you to can save photos in jpeg or TIFF format. TIFF format means a higher quality image which is a good option if you plan to have the images in print.

  1. Camera+

Camera+ is a popular photo editing app that has been in the market for a couple of years now. It also has editing tools which you can use to enhance images. Further, you can easily control the settings manual to whatever you desire.

One interesting shoot mode in Camera+ is the macro mode. In macro mode, you can achieve a close up effect on your subject. It is almost like using a macro lens in a DSLR. You can use this for event photography.

With these photo apps, you can have fun editing and producing brilliant images. Go ahead and choose which one you’d like to install.

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