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First things first, we all love high resolution images, crystal clear ones that we can grade as 100%. But what we don’t know is how much Photoshop they have been to. We don’t really know the details until some it leaks and makes us say it’s nothing compared to the edited one. This is what we call exaggeration. This one big mistake in photography is somewhat rejected by most and especially the society.

One thing that you need to learn first is to appreciate what is there. It doesn’t matter weather it’s good or bad one to take a picture with, what really matters is the simplicity of the subject. As a pro photographer, you need to learn to accept the facts and reality. Don’t ever rely on image enhancing softwares, you can only use them when need, but don’t ever edit the main package which is the image.

And also one big mistake is trying to change the theme or color of the picture if it’s something that bad. You must keep the originality as it is. Like changing lenses, it doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive one or a cheap one. For as long as you’ve got the clear close shot, you are good to go. For more information and tips, you can watch the video below.